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Twitter Unveils Custom Timelines

Twitter, the world’s leading micro-blogging platform recently announced that it would introduce a new feature that will display custom timelines to Twitter users. The content of the custom timelines will either be loaded manually or Twitter users can select certain types of custom content they wish to see.

The Twitter algorithm will offer to display custom timeline content based on the user’s interests and more. Customs timelines are more like curated feeds providing users the power to select the content they most want to interact with on their timelines. 

Twitter was first launched in 2006 and since then it has grown in leaps and bounds. As of 2012, Twitter has 25 officers and some 100 million users posting a mind-boggling 340 million tweets on a daily basis.

Although at first Tweets were limited to 140 characters it was subsequently increased to 180 in 2017. Today Twitter also provides the Twitter  Notes service which allows longer form writing on its platform.

It must be noted that audio and video based Tweets remain limited to 140 seconds. As of early 2019 Twitter had some 330 million active users on a monthly basis. 

Short & Long Form

Twitter is all about the right to expression and its broad dissemination using the reach of the platform. Having registered and logged into Twitter, users can share their thoughts, ideas, comments, or even creative writing. Twitter  users can gather followers who tend to be fans who like the Tweets published by the user.

Twitter is accessible from a wide range of devices and this increases its global appeal. Given the fast moving nature of the world, Twitter always gets very active when there is a significant global event.

This could be a world sporting event, a natural disaster or an important event in the social, cultural or political domains. Twitter is presented across many languages so this makes it even more appealing to those who want to share their point of view.

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There have also been many controversies surrounding free speech and Twitter. Many Tweets have found themselves to be at the root of numerous situations, conflicts and debates. 

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Recently Twitter was agreed to be sold however that process is at a standstill for the moment. A global company such as Twitter should always do plenty of checks to ensure that the potential purchaser has the means to grow the business. The ideal candidate would be an existing business enterprise that is successful and offers a global presence.

When using Twitter it is important to always be active in order to generate a large Twitter following. Active users are far more likely to build a connection with loyal followers who eventually become fans. When you have a large number of Twitter followers, then it is possible to monetize this situation.

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