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The Importance of Social Media Marketing in 2022

Today we live in an age of digitalization. The Internet մեկը one of the main elements of the Internet, social media, is more important in digitalization. Social networks make up the bulk of our consumers’ lives. At the same time, these networks directly influence the formation of consumer decisions, opinions, and preferences.

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Creating a page on social media is half the battle, you need to be able to drive it right to show the benefits of the facility, keep the target audience interested, and attract new customers. SMM (Social Media Marketing) is one of the most popular and effective methods of promotion. So before starting a new small business, be sure to research this area or have people by your side who will do it․

Since Facebook and Instagram are the most widely used platforms today, և users spend a lot of time there during the day, these platforms are a great opportunity for online marketing and advertising.

Let’s first understand what social media is։ it’s not a new concept ․ it has evolved in parallel with human relationships. Recently, social media has had a huge impact on human relationships, leaving its impact in the business world as well. Read books about project management, marketing, and social media marketing to better understand the chain of these relationships

In the age of information systems, social media has played an important role in radical changes in communication and business. Currently, the fastest way to grow your business is through social media. Originally used as a platform to facilitate communication between people with similar interests, it has now become a powerful tool for business development, business transactions,  scheduling software, and day-to-day operations.

Many people wonder if social media is a communication tool or a task management tool like a social network. And in general, is there a difference between these two concepts or not? Social media can be called a strategy and a means of communication, while a social network is a tool and a convenience for connecting with people. Moreover, Cohen says, “the difference is not only in the semantics but also in the features, the functions, which are determined by their creators for those sites, thus dictating how they should be used.”

Social media marketing is at the crossroads of journalism, sociology, advertising, commercial marketing, and public relations. SMM has more to do with PR than advertising. Consumer attention can be gained and bought through advertising. But we can not buy the trust of the target audience, we can only earn it. If we compare social marketing with other related fields, it is more about journalism than “blogging or posting”. These are tools for direct, overt, or covert collaboration with the target audience that should be used appropriately, For a proper digital marketing strategy rather than out of interest to the company or the writer of the message.

SMM is still one of the non-standard marketing interaction tools, but today it is the most promising. Social media marketing is in demand by large companies, market leaders, and small and medium-sized businesses that use SMMs to promote themselves and reach their customers. In many companies, the salary of a specialist can reach a WordPress developer’s salary SMM does not have an immediate effect, but it gives a long-term result, provided that it is used correctly and purposefully. Its main advantage is the low cost of investment compared to the possible impact of the measures taken.

The traditional tools of social media marketing are:

  • group dialogue: blog creation, design, maintenance,
  • social dialogue: Information messages in thematic communities, discussion support, answers to questions and comments,
  • Commercial Marketing: Promoting events in the social community,
  • Hidden Marketing: work on popular thematic platforms,
  • Direct Marketing: a dialogue on behalf of the company,
  • Viral marketing,
  • Positive and Negative information monitoring: creating a positive information background,
  • Optimization of the company’s social media (SMO) Internet resources.

Final Thoughts

Studying the history of social media development, seeing how fast its growth and inclusion rates are, as well as the international experience of using social media marketing, it becomes clear that social media has a huge potential to help businesses and attract consumers. Marketers need to be where their consumers – potential customers – are, and they are more on social media. Social networks are becoming an even more powerful marketing channel day by day. Social networks give marketers new opportunities. The feedback posted on social media for many products, services, and trusts has become an important factor in making a purchase decision. At the same time, it is still an open question whether the fact that this information was provided by friends will increase the desire to buy this or that service or product. That is, can visits to social networks be a motivation for buying? You have arrived at your destination! Zefoy is a free app that helps you to boost your TikTok account presence.

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