The Best 3 Roadtrips You Can Take in Croatia

Taking a road trip in Croatia is a great way to see more of the country than you could otherwise get. While this country has an endless amount of sights, some of its best attractions can only be reached by road. Here are the best 3 roadtrips you can take in Croatia. Here are a few places you should visit to start your trip. After you have decided on a location, you need to decide what kind of route you want to take.

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One of the most popular road trips in Croatia is to Hvar, which is the largest coastal city in the country. The ancient town of Trogir is an Unesco World Heritage Site, with many medieval buildings still standing. The city is also one of the most beautiful, with some of the most stunning beaches. In addition to the historic center of the city, there are also numerous beaches along the coast.

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If you’re driving to Split from another Croatian city, you’ll want to park your car in the city’s covered parking garage. This garage has plenty of spaces, so you can leave your car there for the night. You can also park your car at the Acorus Garage, a private parking lot, for $15 cash. If you’re driving from another city, reserve your spot ahead of time online so you’ll know exactly where to park your vehicle. Once you’ve parked, you can unload your suitcases, check into a hotel, and take a rest.

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