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The advantages of having a common area in the house

A resort-style house is a home design that is clear in terms of decorating the house, building a house to make the house another place to stay close to nature in a shady way. And this is why most home designers have to divide the area of ​​this style house into three parts: the interior area, the exterior area. and common areas for ease of use and beauty The three areas still need to be connected. Which in the connection of this common area, what are the advantages? Today, AYB has the answer.

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5 advantages of having a common area of ​​a resort style house

1. Shade filter heat

For the most part, the central area is an area with large trees and small trees surrounding it. Therefore, often rely on the benefits of shade and weather. When there is a large shade in the direction of the shade, it will benefit the house. So it doesn’t accumulate heat for a long time. Because the properties of large trees are to reduce the temperature, for example, if the general air temperature is 35 degrees Celsius when passing through a filter like a tree. The temperature will be reduced to about 32 degrees Celsius, making it economical in terms of energy. No need to turn on the air conditioner to increase the cooling And can be used as a shade for the corner of the eye as well.

2. Provide continuity in the use of space at each corner.

The common area serves to provide continuity from the outer and inner areas. That is to say, resort-style homes are often decorated with large mirrors to let in natural light. Or use the view around the house, and in other words, so that the continuity is not obscured by the building wall. This makes the mood of relaxation in the house more continuous and uninterrupted, even in areas that need to be opaque, such as the bathroom. Designers also add a connection to the resort style with air vents, or the bedroom; the office room itself is designed to have a balcony or a window facing. to the common area for relaxation without stress and can see the members of the house and activities movements in the house

3. Assembly point

Of course, when there are outdoor activities, the central area will be the gathering point. This space will be designed with the opportunity and ease of use of members of various ages in the home. Along with being an area that is ready for all activities at every moment. Most of the common areas are designed to be east or north. to get the wind and shade from the building or big tree (In the case of limited space not in a shaded direction Garden designers or specialists will use cover crops or innovations. to help to add moisture instead), so doing various activities This area is therefore the most obvious advantage of the common area.

4. Space for big projects

Resort-style home building that accesses real relaxation. Home designers often create common areas to mimic nature as much as possible. such as creating waterfalls, fish ponds, adding fruit trees and colorful flowers. Let there be small animals in nature. Elevation of trees, shrubs, middle bushes or low bushes. It makes the home look outstanding, memorable and relaxing without having to rely on travel to find other vacation destinations.

Importantly, many ideas in large projects Usually caused by the relaxed mood from the garden in the house. Many people have adapted the common area to be a small working corner in the WFH

5. Easy material supply

in the corner of construction Making a common area in a resort-style house, the main material is natural materials. Therefore, decoration work, platform, decorative pillar or coffee table set in the morning. May focus mainly on woodworking If it’s old wood, it adds more classic to the house. Other natural materials may contain stone or iron design together This is another advantage of building a common area. in the procurement of materials It can be seen from home design work in magazines or on the internet. Dismantling the materials from the old house and using them as the main material for building together with the new material. or if the dismantling material is sufficient May be decorated in other areas as well

The advantages of having a common area Not only for resort style houses Because having more space and being useful in doing activities with family members is a good thing. There will only be differences that are specific to the space allocation mentioned above in a resort style house. (is the division of space and connect all areas for continuity of use natural and relaxing) that makes the separation of the style of the house clearer

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