Principles of Picking Equipment For Security of an Office With Ajax System

The Ajax system has several features. First, the Ajax Hub is equipped with a reserve accumulating Li-lon 2Ah battery, enabling autonomous working for up to 10 hours. Second, the Ajax Hub can be administrated through a web or mobile application. Finally, you can activate the security mode using the SpaceControl key fob with the StarterKit. Before the system can start its security mode, you must wait a few seconds after switching on the Ajax control panel.


Ajax security system allows you to monitor the protected property through radio communications. Ajax devices have a maximum radius of the interaction of 2 km on the line of sight. Each device has its frequency, and you can easily connect up to 100 devices to secure an office or private house of any size. The new detectors are easy to use, and registration is easier than ever. With just a few clicks, you can add new devices and update existing ones.

Ajax devices are connected to the control panel. Ajax Systems will eventually launch a partner portal where security companies can connect to the Ajax security system. Security companies can add and remove hubs through the doorway, and administrators can configure devices remotely. The Hub will work around the clock, and communication with the Ajax Cloud will be encrypted. The system will require an Internet connection and two 2G SIM cards.

Hub 2

If you’re looking for an advanced system that will help you monitor and protect your premise, you’ve come to the right place. The Ajax control panel — hub has a built-in battery to support up to ten hours of autonomous operation. You can administer it with the included mobile application or web application. In addition, you can use the SpaceControl key fob to turn the main on or off in a secure mode.

Ajax Hub: You can control the equipment through a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Once installed, you can connect the Ajax Hub to your security control panel. Once you’re connected, you can arm, disarm, and reset the system. The application’s control panel will send you an alarm to let you know the system is in place. It will also permit you to access the device’s data, such as recorded video or audio recordings.


If you have an Ajax security system, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. For one, you should not place the detector too close to radio interference sources, and you should also avoid setting the equipment in rooms where temperatures or humidity are too high. You should also clean the hub regularly and avoid cleaning the equipment with substances such as acetone, alcohol, or active solvents.

Ajax equipment is easy to install and use. You can download a mobile application that allows you to manage and program your Ajax system. Furthermore, you can also download an application for Android or iOS. These applications have a registration code that you can use to log in to your Ajax security system. Once you have set up your Ajax Hub, you can configure its settings and activate the device.


Different detectors are used to secure an office over the Ajax system. These include LeaksProtect and FireProtect. Particular models of them detect smoke emissions, while others detect a sudden increase in temperature without any smoke. All the detectors work together as part of an Ajax security system. In addition, some even have the functionality of detecting a fire before it begins.

An Ajax hub uses a protocol developed by the Jeweller company. This protocol is quite complicated hardware, involving synchronization and encoding. It also uses a power control algorithm to prevent damping and determine the effect of countermeasures on detectors.

The LeaksProtect has a water leakage sensor which informs about unwanted amount of liquid in a room.

Monitoring Station

Ajax Systems is an excellent option for protecting an office or home. The Ajax Hub 2 allows users to monitor and control their security system using an app, and The app is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and a combination of platforms. It also allows users to respond to push notifications and notices sent from the system. The system can be connected to a central monitoring station. You can set up several scenarios within the Ajax app to automate the system.


The Ajax Hub is equipped with a reserve accumulating Li-lon 2Ah battery for up to 10 hours of autonomous work. Users can also administer their security system from web-based or mobile applications. The starter kit provides a SpaceControl key fob to switch the main switch into security mode. This key fob is included in the StarterKit. The Ajax control panel is ready in a few seconds to switch on and off the main in security mode.

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