Must-Try Dishes on your Germany Getaway

How would you enjoy a trip on an empty stomach? If you need to catch a break in your busy schedule, and you decide to treat yourself to a quick getaway to Europe, you owe your palate a change of cuisine!

Apart from the monuments, historical locations and various other tourist attractions, what one recalls from a vacation, is the food they eat while they are there. Good food is the essence of a great vacation. And Germany serves as one of the best options for such a break. So, here’s some of the best dishes you must try on your weekend in Germany.

1. Weisswurst

White sausages made of minced bacon, flavored with onions, lemon, ginger and cardamom, Weisswurst is a Bavarian dish served with pretzel and sweet mustard. The dish is unique as the sausages are, unconventionally, not smoked. The delicacy is a must-have if you’re in Germany

2. Pretzels

Well, who hasn’t heard of pretzels? Delicious baked pastry, with its characteristic peculiar shape and often glazed with sweet flavors, is one of the most famous delicacies of your weekend destination.

This Bavarian dish can be salted, or can be fit for the Sweet-toothed travellers. Accompanied by various dips and toppings, pretzels can be almost any flavor you like. So go ahead and have it the way your heart desires.

3. Hendl

Roasted duck seasoned salt and grilled with stuffed parsley, a Hendl is a unique dish in a place famous for its pork delicacies. In essence, it’s a staple street food of the capital, so you can have it almost anywhere from restaurants to food-trucks. This burst of flavor isn’t something to miss out on.

4. Knopfle

Also commonly known as Spaetzle, it’s a type of pasta that is prepared with eggs and enjoyed best with cheese and bacon, or as its most famous, with vegetables. It’s a traditional vegetarian cuisine that has many variations to suit your palate.

5. Saurekraut

One of the most famous side courses in a German meal is the Sauerkraut, which is made with fermented cabbage that is finely chopped. As indicative by the name, it’s a sour dish, and is usually served with various pork dishes

6. Fischbroetchen

If you need a quick bite during your sight-seeing, then a fischbroetchen is your go-to. It contains fish, crabs and other seafood, minced, marinated and smoked, then stuffed into a typical seme-roll. Its easily available, inexpensive and quickly served to you, which makes it a great choice for tourists.

7. Schintzel

Usually served with fries, mased potatoes or sauerkraut, the Schnitzel is a type of a cutlet made of a slice of meat which is roasted or grilled. The choice of meat varies, but is often pork, veal or beef.

So, when you go to Germany for your city break, make sure palate catches a break from its routine too. Treat yourselves and your co-travellers with the these (and numerous other) delicacies as you go about your vacation. Hope this little guide helps you find the perfect German cuisine for your trip. Safe travels and Happy exploring!!

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