Industrial Application of Android Kiosk Mode Software.

The term ‘kiosk’ might be a new world but we have been using it for a very long time. However, the meaning of this term has changed drastically from the standalone booths to the various digital devices being used for business-specific reasons. If you look around and observe, every single industry around us is using kiosk devices for better efficiency, enhances customer engagement, and whatnot. Android kiosk mode software has helped various industries in different ways and their progress is the proof.

To make it possible for the industries to manage several single kiosk mode devices, there are many apps designed. You can handle a single device manually but when it comes to maintaining a large number of devices, locking them down at the same time, and making changes to all of the devices at the same time, many app shave been designed and proposed ‘kiosk mode’. This mode allows the IT admins to put several devices in kiosk mode and manage them manually at the same time.

What is A Kiosk Mode?

Single-app kiosk mode is the setting that locks down the target devices’ functionality to a single app depending upon the requirements of the industry using those devices. This feature can be used on your employees’ devices that they use at the office, or it can be put on the public-facing devices for specific business requirements. When the configuration is done, the only single app could be used on the target devices and every other application is restricted/hidden. It is done to make sure that the devices are working efficiently with minimum loss of resources and energy.

Benefits of Kiosk Mode

Generally, the kiosk mode is applied to the devices to make sure that the security is maintained and employees are working with full productivity. However, along with these, there are several other benefits that any business can enjoy:

Strong Security

Every manager/employer is constantly worried about the security of their data and confidential files. While the use of smartphones has become essential at workplaces, it is also observed that sometimes certain apps or certain sorts of content browsing can let viruses and even hackers enter the very dangerous system. To minimize these issues, kiosk mode is used. It helps to keep those devices to minimum usage by allowing only a few related and required applications to work. With this configuration, the risk of inappropriate device usage can be minimized, and also an extra layer so security is provided to the company to protect its assets.

Now, admins and managers don’t need to worry about their employees being distracted, downloading unnecessary apps, and roaming around the internet for no reason. All these activities can lead to the risk of data breaching and loss.

Employee Productivity

Recently, most managers are found to be complaining about the unnecessary usage of smartphones in the workplace. Employees are seen to be ignoring their work and sticking to their phones for their social media and entertainment apps. This can put them at the risk of cyber-attacks and accidental data breaches. Such risks cannot be afforded and that is why the kiosk mode software can restrict them to using only certain apps on their phones, restricting them from roaming around and taking risks that could harm the company in any way.

Also, when they are distracted by such apps, they often pay less attention to work. This way, when they are only using their smartphones for work purposes, they will be more productive at the office with fewer distractions and lesser security risks.

Cost Reduction

How much money do you have to spend to maintain the devices that are fully functional and being used at the office? Well, not anymore. With kiosk mode software, your devices will be used minimally and that means there is so much lesser money required to maintain those devices. With the kiosk mode, a business can turn their existing devices into purpose-specific kiosks and that eliminates the need to invest in special kiosk devices.

Applications of Android Kiosk Mode Software

Locking down the devices to kiosk mode has proven to be beneficial for many businesses in various ways. Let’s see what applications the kiosk software possess in different industries:


Doing everything manually is very risky and difficult for hospital management. They cannot keep the records manually and expect everyone to follow the same procedure. But, kiosk software can help the healthcare sector in many ways. Hospitals rely on digital devices and equipment to monitor patients’ health. Locking down those devices in kiosk mode can help in monitoring the patients and reducing the hefty amount of money that is spent on critical care equipment. Also, the self-service kiosk can be used to book appointments, extract patients’ reports, and much more. It is an authentic and safe method.


After COVID, digitalization is the new thing added to the health sector. Now, educational institutes want to be ready for remote learning, online learning, interactive learning, and much more. And, for such purposes, they need to be digital. But, the issue remains the same; the more devices they allow on the school premises, the riskier it gets. It is more difficult with the kids as they are prone to cyber-attacks and much more. Also, digital devices work as a good source of distraction for the kids.

To avoid such issues, and to get ahead in the race of digitalization, the best thing to do is to use kiosk based devices. With kiosk mode turned on, all the devices being used can be restricted to fewer useful apps that make learning possible with less distraction. Also, with MDM-based kiosk mode, you can monitor the devices being used and see what the kids have been doing. Kiosk software is found to be very useful for the educational sector in the past years.


The hospitality industry has been digitalized many times now. They have used to digital industry for various services. Airports are displaying their flight timings digitally, they are making bookings online, hotels are giving instant rooms with the help of interactive kiosks, and whatnot. Even restaurants are using digital displays to advertise their menus, discounts, specialties, reservation details, etc. such kiosk devices are helping the hospitality business to reduce their costs for manually making these things possible, and also it has helped with better customer management and satisfaction.

Android kiosk mode software has been helping a lot of industries to get ahead in the market and do better for their customers and themselves as well. It has helped in increasing sales, making education better, maintaining health records, managing the employees and improving their productivity, etc. The world is revolutionizing with such advancements in the digital industry.

Every industry is getting its hands on the best kiosk mode software. VantageMDM is proven to be the best MDM-based software that also provides kiosk mode features that help the IT admins lock down the devices on a few apps, monitor them, and manage them as well.

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