HSBC Mastercard – Why a HSBC Mastercard Would Be Best For You

HSBC offers a variety of credit cards with different perks, including a Gold Credit Card. The Gold Credit Card allows you to pay down your balance over a period of 18 months and has no annual fee. While this card doesn’t offer rewards or a reward program, it does have a low interest rate and no annual fee. Despite the low interest rate, it falls short compared to other cash back rewards cards. Citi Double Cash Card provides a two percent unlimited cash back on purchases, and offers no annual limit.

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The Gold Credit Card comes with a 4% balance transfer fee, a higher than average fee. While most cards charge a 3% balance transfer fee, HSBC charges a 4% balance transfer fee. While this isn’t a huge amount, it adds up fast, especially when you’re carrying a large credit card balance. If you’re looking for a 0% interest purchase rate credit card with a rewards program, this HSBC Gold Credit Card might be the one for you.

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The HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card offers a rewards program. You earn 2 points for every Rs 100 spent. The HSBC EXTRA points program allows you to redeem your EXTRA points for free Vodafone Bill credits, hotel stays, concierge rewards, airline miles, shopping vouchers, and many other benefits. If you travel abroad frequently, the EXTRA points can be transferred to other credit cards or even a new card. HSBC offers excellent customer service and a 24/7 help desk.

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