HR Certificates – Where Do These Lead You?

Obtaining an HR certificate is a good way to advance your career. While you do not need to have prior experience to pursue this certification, it can be a great asset to your resume. Fortunately, there are several different types of HR certifications, and each of them has different benefits. This article will discuss some of the main advantages of HR certifications. It will also explain how they differ from each other.

People in organization

PHR stands for professional in human resources and PHR stands for strategic HR professionals. SPHR, on the other hand, is a more general designation and is used by people in organizations to make policies and programs. In both cases, a certification shows that the candidate is knowledgeable about a specific area and has the ability to implement it effectively. The prerequisites for each certification vary, so it’s important to ask the head of HR about their preference for a certification.

Final Opinion

Depending on your education and experience, you might consider pursuing a specific HR certificate. The most popular credential, the Professional in Human Resources (PHR), requires two to four years of professional experience in a related field. It’s ideal for professionals who want to become a leader in the HR department and are interested in developing a global perspective. To obtain an SPHR, you must have a bachelor’s degree.

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