How to Choose a Basketball Ball: The Main Criteria

To make the game interesting and productive, you need quality equipment. How to choose a basketball from a huge range of sports equipment? What parameters to pay attention to when buying? Let’s understand the main aspects.

A basketball is an accessory for the game of round shape, usually orange in color. The surface of the inventory consists of 8 identical segments separated by seams. The average weight of the ball is 567-650 g. But these are not all the characteristics that should be considered when buying. Considering them, you will feel like you’re using a strategy for ​​ऑनलाइन कसीनो, which lets you achieve success.

The Main Criteria

The key aspect of choosing a basketball for basketball is the rebound from the floor. To check the indicator is simple: you need to raise the equipment above head level and throw it to the floor. A good ball will bounce to a height of 120-140 cm. Another way to test it is through physical effort. Press with your thumb on the surface of the ball: it shouldn’t sag more than 3-4 mm. An under-inflated accessory will bounce badly, and an over-inflated one may burst at any moment.

The accessory should have an exceptionally round shape. You can check it by knocking on the floor. If the ball takes away to the side, there are bulges on its surface. In this case, it’s better to continue searching for quality equipment.

Buy the ball taking into account where you plan to play basketball – on an outdoor court, in a gym or both locations in turn. For amateur play, the equipment is made of synthetic, for professional sport – leather.

Choose the ball without haste – then basketball will bring a lot of fun. When buying should be guided by a number of aspects.

Ball Types

Bearing in mind the planned place of the game basketballs are divided into 3 categories:

  • For the hall. Marked with the designation “Indoor”. The advantage tunai4d is excellent traction with the flooring. However, it can be used exclusively for playing on the floor, on the street it will quickly deteriorate. The ball has a medium hardness rating.
  • For outdoors. Marked with the designation “Outdoor”. The advantages of such sports equipment are durability, wear resistance. The ball is perfect for outdoor basketball, has excellent traction with outdoor surfaces. Not suitable for the gym: too tough, will bounce strongly.
  • All-purpose. Marked with “Indoor/Outdoor.” Can be used on any hard surfaces. Manufactured from the cheapest materials, so it costs appropriately. Optimal for amateur basketball.


Another relevant parameter is the pressure in the ball chamber. In sports regulations, it’s specified that this figure should be 0.5-0.6 bar. However, in practice, this is often not enough. For the ball to be rigid and elastic, it should be inflated to at least 1 bar.

Professional basketball leagues have an interesting algorithm for checking the pressure inside the ball. This explains the famous tradition of tossing the ball before the game by the referees.

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