How AI is Used in Business

With the advancement of technology, more and more entrepreneurs are deciding to implement AI in their companies to provide automation and accelerate the generation of revenue for their companies. Though implementing AI is still considered a luxury and only leading companies in the world can afford to implement it, companies are on their way to automating some parts of the work. 

AI is implemented in business working processes to do the tasks that are accomplished by employees. The difference is that artificial intelligence is much faster and gives the results of a vast working team in a very short time. 

In this article, please read about the ways these robots are used in business and how they contribute to different work processes. 

1. AI for product recommendations

You may have seen product recommendations when shopping online: it is meant to make it easier for customers to find the desired product. The recommendations usually depend on the ancient purchases of the client or are similar to the item the customer has viewed or saved for himself. The suggestions are given to customers by unique data analysis systems. 

2. Website chatbots

For each successful brand, good customer service is considered a strong marketing tool. It is the face and reputation of the company. A lot of companies have a customer service team, which is available 24/7 for clients to be able to answer their questions and solve their problems whenever they need them. But leading companies implement AI-based tools like website chatbot to answer the most frequent questions of the customers. There’s even a real estate chatbot which is niche-specific and can help answer many questions immediately.

3. Content writing

This is the domain in which content marketing has succeeded the least. Artificial intelligence can generate content for blogs, podcasts, e-books, webinars, etc. Though there are some examples of excellent content creation of artificial intelligence, in most cases, a group of specialists is needed to proofread and edit the content that the robot generates. Because content writing is mostly a creative job and artificial intelligence is smart, it cannot produce the creativity that a human being can give. 

4. Customers’ sentiment analysis

Analyzing people’s emotions and perspectives in written texts to obtain information about how they assess the product or service they have been delivered is another way of the use of artificial intelligence digital transformation in business processes. 

Exchanges in the blogs or writing in the comments sections on social media can be the texts that the machine analyzes. Using the results of this analysis, the companies reveal for themselves opinions expressed by customers, understand how they feel, and make the necessary changes in the business process to please all the needs of customers. 


There are many different uses of AI, and the way you will use it depends on what your company is trying to achieve. Artificial intelligence is so much more than global tech titans and advanced companies. It is a futuristic business that is on its way to eliminating its competition. It helps businesses today to run the work faster and allows them to make better decisions.

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