Features That Are Essential In The Best Inflatable Kayak

There is a lot of ways to describe the best inflatable kayak from the gamut of options that are currently on the market. There are so many different variations, styles, sizes, and brands of these vessels in Australia – it can be hard to nail down just exactly what you want out of the best inflatable kayak.

There are some designs and brands that are strictly for recreational explorers who want to take out a light and simple vessel on the weekends. Then there are the more extreme adventurers who want a sturdier, faster, and more reinforced type of vessel.

There’s no wrong way to adventure, but there are many different ways to travel the country and see the great outdoors. There are also different features that will demarcate the best inflatable kayak for different people.

Today, we’ll be exploring a few of the more interesting features for the best inflatable kayak that are applicable across the board.


No one wants to be sinking in cold remorseless water when on an adventure, this is why the best inflatable kayak will always be made of durable materials (regardless of the purpose). Good stitching and reinforced material builds are always going to be features of the best inflatable kayak, so keep a keen eye out for decent materials and reliable brands that have a proven track record of delivering quality.


Portability is a major factor for anyone looking for the best inflatable kayak. Whether it’s for a grand adventure through the rivers of Australia, or a leisurely weekend trip to the local bay for a day with the family – portability and simplicity of setting up and packing down matters. There are some examples of vessels that are packable into a backpack for even simpler maneuverability, and others that come with a rucksack or some form of carry-bag.

The best inflatable kayak will ultimately be the one that is the most durable, and easiest to move around when not setup.

Footrests & Built In Comforts

The best inflatable kayak should be a pleasure to be in, simple as that. Comfort can go a long way in the decision-making process, and it is often the little things that add to this level of comfort and get people over the line for a purchase. Little eccentricities like a built-in footrest can be really beneficial for those who are planning a long-term trip out on the water.

Another built-in comfort that people often overlook is that of built-in pumps for certain vessels. This reduces the clutter needed when on the road as everything you need to inflate is right there in the package.


Having ample storage in the vessel is an underrated and oft-overlooked feature that many adventurers don’t pay attention to off the bat. Having ample room to keep your belongings as you ride the crisp waters of the Australian wilderness will make your life a whole lot easier and you can rest assured that you can carry a few more of the essentials with you.

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