Beyond Coffee: Simple Ways to Cheer Up in the Middle of the Day

If your morning coffee is enough for a couple of hours, and then you feel lethargic and sleepy again, do not rush to brew another cup. Here are seven activities that can help you get your concentration, energy, and alertness back – and they’re also good for your health.

Drink Some Water

Our body often “misses” thirst, which can masquerade as hunger or not expressed clearly, and with dehydration our state of health gradually deteriorates – begins lethargy, headache, lack of energy for complex thought processes. For each individual norm of daily fluid intake is different, but we often drink less than “prescribed”, so another glass will not be superfluous. Besides, cold water in itself is refreshing.


Normalization of breathing helps to cope with stress and, of course, saturates the body with oxygen – and it is the lack of oxygen that causes a decline in activity, because oxygen allows cells to oxidize nutrients and get energy. That is literally: breathe deeply, you get more cellular fuel. You can install one of the apps that will remind you to breathe and remember to ventilate the room.


A little exercise will improve circulation, including around the brain, and this will bring the cells the substances they need to function. Besides, the movement itself triggers biochemical processes aimed at vigor and activity. The exercises from the complex of morning exercises or those that allow you to relieve emotional tension and muscle clamps will be suitable.


“Breaks” will help avoid the “freeze” effect when working on difficult tasks: just like at school, every hour it is better to be distracted from serious business to something else entirely. Whether it’s music, videos of funny animals, betting via 22Bet, or a silly game of marbles on the phone, the brain needs a regular reset to work productively. Set a timer for five minutes so that, like at school, you can get back to work at the bell.

Take a Walk

A short walk is both a warm-up, fresh air, and a change of scenery, so triple efficiency in a “cheer up” mission is assured. Another argument in favor is sunlight, which activates the production of vitamin D and generally plays a key role in normalizing the body’s circadian rhythms.

Express Emotions

Often, being in a state of “when all wasted”, in fact, we are exhausted emotionally, from the overload of feelings that we have to suppress, for example, not to offend anyone, or to remain a good employee.

How to rest if you are tired of this state:

  • Talk to a loved one, tell everything that has boiled over, recall all the insults, together get angry and fret. Choose a person from whom you are guaranteed to get support and empathy in the form in which you need it.
  • Don’t just talk, but shout out. Wait until you’re home alone, turn on the recorder on the phone and yell at him, pouring out the accumulation.
  • It also helps to pour out emotions with the help of a text or drawing. Write a big letter where you splash out all the insults and negative experiences, you can write a list. Then this letter can be torn up and burned, symbolically releasing all that you have poured out there.

Eat Unsweetened Snacks

Sluggishness in the middle of the day may be due to low blood sugar levels, but don’t rush to make up for it with fast carbs. When you eat something sweet, there is a release of insulin that promptly lowers your sugar levels, so that a sharp rise is followed by an equally sharp drop. Complex carbohydrates and fiber-rich foods promote a gradual release of sugar and replenish energy stores without a “kickback.”

Take a Nap

Finally, if you’re feeling sleepy in the middle of the day and nothing helps, you can simply not confront it and get some sleep. A short (10-20 minutes) nap during the day will help you recover, and sometimes five minutes is enough to get rid of the lethargy, instead of fighting it for hours.

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