7 Advantages of Involving Warm Paper For POS Rolls

Thermal POS rolls have many advantages. These roll-based printers offer a high level of print quality and clear, legible receipts. They can be purchased in a variety of packages, from three rolls to bulk packages containing 50 rolls. This means that they are affordable and will provide your business with a higher volume of printed receipts. This makes them an ideal choice for busy businesses that require large quantities of paper.

Pose a health risk

The main advantage of using thermal paper is that it is lint-free and has a long shelf life. Most receipts are legible for three years after the manufacture date. Thermal paper is sensitive to temperature, and requires only darkness and a humidity of 45 to 65 percent. With proper filing, receipt papers are legible for seven years or more. Some rolls are even eco-friendly and contain no phenol or bisphenol A. As a result, they do not pose a health risk.

Last Speech

Another advantage of thermal paper is that it lasts longer than ordinary paper. Thermal receipts have a minimum of three years from the manufacture date. When properly stored, these rolls do not require a ribbon or cartridge to work. Most POS Paper rolls can be used for more than one purpose. Some are even recyclable! It’s best to store them separately in a safe, dry place to avoid contaminating your warehouse.

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