4 Simple Methods For Forestalling DOMS

The first step to forestalling DOMS is to identify the causes of muscle soreness. The pain after a workout is multifaceted. A prolonged pain free period is an indication that other underlying causes are present. The second step is to address the underlying cause. During the onset of DOMS, the body releases lactic acid, which is a temporary condition caused by muscle damage.

Exercises at once

The first step to avoiding DOMS is to increase the intensity of your workouts. A high-intensity exercise causes DOMS, which can be prevented by performing eccentric exercises. These movements involve contracting the muscle while extending it. Do not exercise at a high intensity level or do too many exercises at once. Doing so can cause DOMS. To avoid or forestall DOMS, perform controlled downhill running and other exercises.

In Last

The second step is to reduce the intensity of your workouts. Doing high-intensity workouts can help you forestall DOMS. Doing eccentric workouts will result in delayed onset muscle soreness. These will tense the muscle while it lengthens. Doing so will prevent the muscles from breaking down. Also, don’t use heavy weights or perform repetitive movements that can trigger DOMS.

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